Boxes hold so much of the known and the unknown. The box reveals its contents and is then just a shell. A box is so much more than a container which is intended to be emptied. Boxes hold cherished possessions, keeping them safe and protected. They hold objects which carry great emotional weight for the owner, the possessor, the guardian of the box. In these boxes, we hold what is dear to us.

Likewise, boxes can hold us, a prison cell, a locked room. Boxes can confine and imprison, just as a cherished box holds and protects.

These boxes trace a time in my life when I was both confined and confining. At times, I required a box to shield and insulate me from the world and the pain it was bringing. I lived inside a box and was carrying boxes around inside of me. In fact, I had become a box, holding that which I wanted to preserve and suppressing with confinement that which I struggled to admit or face. Along with the pain, these boxes also address the healing process. When the pain was embraced, it allowed the ability to find myself again. They investigate vulnerability, strength and growth.

We all live among boxes, usually concerned only with their utility and simple convenience. Yet when we examine our lives, we realize the role boxes play in our everyday, conscious lives and in our internal, emotional lives. Boxes exist for us and despite us, around us and inside us, helping to protect and shield us, and at times limiting us within their confines yet they can also open up to allow development.